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Hi, everyone. We're going for a walk Our guide today is Anastasia She already knows different routes For example, she knows this path well. She can find the way easily by these slabs.

Our mini goal is to buy hats for everyone.

Anything will go well. And gloves as it's fresh here And also see some cool places Unlike Faceit Major which was in London, we live in the center.

And that time we lived I don't even know where And it's really cool there. It's so beautiful But... there are a lot of people who sell drugs.

There are also a lot of tourists and pickpocketing so you should be careful.

So if you have money with you, watch out.

This is a museum, right? A very beautiful place. A lot of shops and restaurants here.

Red buses have just passed by.

It is Chinatown in London Do you know why it is decorated like this? Because Chinese New Year is coming Chinatown, look, it's just freaking cool.

When you are in London.

You understand that you can see different districts here.

This area looks like the one in New York Look, they're cooking something here.

A guy playing in the street shows his Instagram.

'Follow me on Instagram and throw me money' It's a progress.

Massage He's massaging. I wonder what's gonna be next?.

Some cupping glasses Look, they're sticked to his ass.

A bit of cs. Today is the first day and we played 4 pracs.

First, we played with Renegades on Train.

You saw everything, we won 16-14 Then we played with Cloud9 on Inferno We won quite confidentaly, 18-12 Then we played with mibr and lost to them I won't tell you the map, 17-13 And we won the second map against them Well, guys, just for you to know, I don't think that.

Victories or losses on pracs mean anything because you can have a good day.

And your opponents may have a bad one So it doesn't mean anything. But still you can do some conclusions.

Like how the team play, teamplay, how they feel the game.

We're improving these things.

Maybe we should go there?.

Did you film how I might have died? And we were really tired at the end of 2018.

The last three months were really hard A lot of tournaments, flights and time zones That was tough. Now I'm enjoying cs.

We all had a rest. Now I don't rush to achieve some supercool result.

It's strange, but I know my task, I know that I'm an igl.

And I must lead the team and our best There are a lot of questions 'Why don't you practise?' Guys, we just don't show how we practise, what we're doing and working on.

If you don't see it, it doesn't mean it. We've been training for a month.

But... no excuses Those who are with us, who cheer for us, are with us till the end..

And the rest is rubbish Today we want to show London to you.

Hat, hat, hat.

Write in the comments what you want to see and thumbs up We film and show everything to you: team, London and so on.

-What do they say? -Can't film here Oh, come on.

Wow, what a cool hat! And you, you have a new hat, too. Cool!.

I have a new hat, too, guys!.

Wait, wait, wait.

Why are there so many people? Is it some rap party?.

-What is this square's name? -Trafalgar -What? -Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square For tourists who are in London for the first time... No, it's not Trafalgar Square, it's Tragalgar Circus.

There is also Trafalgar Hole but it's somewhere hidden in London.

Why is she wearing a skirt? Look what they are going to do.

Do you see that guy? He spends the whole day here Do you see him? There's gonna be rumpy-pumpy Someone will have a sex Right in the street. You can freeze something in this weather Look how cool they did this.

Anastasia, where are we going to? You're our guide Show us something beautiful I mixed everything up. It's Piccadilly Circus -So it's Piccadilly Square -Yes. Not Square but Circus Well, all in all we're not very competent but we're trying to improve our level of knowledge.

As you know or maybe you don't, these taxis are popular besides red buses.

They're called cabs You see, it's London's special feature England's, probable. Or London's Sale About fashion in this season Look, this colour will be very fashionable By the way, I would like to ask and maybe buy this jacket How much does it cost? Let me in! If we have a long walk, we can go to restaurant then.

I won't hide it from you, today I ate too much.

I'm on diet but on bootcamp after the flight I want something sweet.

We start to train, I feel stressed out and I want something sweet Today I had like fifteen chocolate bars.

You walk in London, it's so beautiful, you turn around and see a man sleeping.


A really nice and cute restaurant.

I wanted to say once again, as you can see, we changed the style the style of videos We do our best and I want to ask you to support my channel.

Because we have fewer views, people are not interested anymore.

We try this and that. Maybe everyone wants cs, some action and crazy stuff.

If I ran very fast and there was a motorcyclist in the distance,.

There, for example, and I just ran towards him and then kicked and knocked him down.

There would be half a million of views When you just go around talking and showing team's life and our practice.

And nothing happens So, guys, support us with your likes, click the notification button.

It will be very pleasant for us. 'cause we show you London and our practice.

And everything we do. And gym as well Then we head to Major Katowice, we'll make cool videos there.

For me, for the team and for everybody it will be great Also write in the comments below what you want to see in London.

Swop, stop, they'll run us over. Noooooo.

It's so scary -There starts... -What? Speak louder.

Buckingham Palace There's a Royal Park And near are Royal Mews Royal Mews? They held a show everyday there And where are Royal who... rses? In Piccadilly Street -Are there whorses? -Yes Did you ask for the price? Are they men or women whorses? -I think you can find anything there -So let's go there and see Royal whorses.

Oh, look, our clients.

What's how yongsters are hanging out in London.

So, we watch The Tudors. We really like these TV series.

And here it's interesting to know... Here you can see a part of London Eye It sounded so smart-like: London Eye And where is London Finger, I wonder? Show us, please.

I'm fed up with you! London Eye.

London Ass By the way, where is London Ass? It's where you're gonna play No, I can do this It's Kharkiv-London ass Let's go faster! Let's gooo.

Do you have your passport with you? They can arrest us Cops, we're not afraid of you.

I have a label with me.

-Who's living in Buckingham Palace now? -Elizabeth And before her? -Every kings -Let's check your knowledge It's a residence of all reigning monarchs Okay, residence of all reigning monarchs. Then answer this question.

-You don't talk to the reigning monarch -How do you know it? That's the right answer Because you talk to the reigning monarch constantly.

I talk to different monarchs.

-You know, like in madhouse? -Yes Hello, tsar -Captain Cook -Ah, James Cook He's a cool guy, nice hat.

We're going to see a criminal street It's very interesting Wait, Nastya. You wanna say, if I go there and express my opinion in my style.

They want do anything to me? Okay then If we lose or anthing go wrong, I know where I can show my emotions.

By the way, Big Ben must be to the right, yes? We are close to it. Well, not really but still.

Some of them still work Some work, some not.

The average salary in London is about 1500 Euro.

Though it sounds to be like a lie, I found this information.

And London's population is 8.5 million people The population of the whole GB is about 60 million.

That's rather okay Not a small figure if we compare with... In the USA it's 300 million, in Russia about 140 In Ukraine it was 48, now it's 40. Many people have left the country.

GB is rather a big country. Nastya, what do we know about it? And if we compare these 1500 Euro with prices?.

Well, I think that 1500 Euro are earned by....

Maybe it's not the average, maybe it's the lowest salary?.

But there are a lot of... It's written they have such a low average salary here, but maybe it's not true.

There are a lot of very expensive cars. We must show them later.

There are Rolls-Royce, Buggati, Ferrari and other cool brands everywhere.

This is Royal Horse Guard building.

-And there is a guy in a uniform -Look there's a museum here.

When we were here last time not so long ago, maybe hal a year ago.

We saved our visas and we didn't have to get it once again By the way, we will be here once again in four months.

We'll have to obtain visa once again Last time we were in London, we took the second place at the Major.

Not that bad but I was really upset because of our lose.

Of course, when you lose the final, especilly the third one This time we have a bootcamp and a small event. The atmosphere is great.

It's really cool. We want to find a restaurant on the water.

Now we'll look for a ship.

Today I didn't go to gym, so let's do street workout.

It's so beautiful here. It's cinema, by the way. Really cool.

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