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Plaaastic + Elena Sheidlin - Instagram Live - (2017.06.18)

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We went out today and Jenna bought a he. Jet spinner Jenna come say Jenna's not willing to say hi uh what is this little two.

Million to cheese ginger issue my fine.

Firk face what you were a teacher.

Haha Lana doesn't teach me I google google sue and Rockhead and I use YouTube what's with the page in VK yes I.

Deleted my DK because apparently I cannot make a page under the name plastic I only couldn't use my real name and that page is not updated because I just say the same thing that I do in my Instagram I don't speak any Russian probably when I go back to Vietnam and I learned Russian in like a few months I'm going to do it again but right now it is the same content I don't want to same content on VK Instagram at the same time where are you now I'm at Lena's halls in st. Petersburg Russian come in then I go.

Why are you so hot I don't know dude maybe it's my mother maybe my father just kidding they both ugly as fuck.

Nothing you guys have any question it's.

Now time to go I'm never going to do another live stream with learner's since we have no time we have so much work to do and we are here doing live stream for you can you say love in the Tamizh I can speak Vietnamese but I'm not gonna do it now because it's the Russian live stream oh it is Russia live stream leather.

That you know what relationship as motion so that I see what Rosa khutor evidentially Mowgli isabel j-hope Roberta Fiddlesticks when you mini mafia to ban discrimination kiss to chew minion to systolic at Arabia's my Liberty coin cause that is coronary mini-map abortion under computers to be a monopolist apology service to do the excessive anxious insidious was more systematic for us I added to dividend and Sunstein any hostage that without question how do you meet each other so merely now follow each other for a while with many color five years ago we know each other for five years four years five years we follow each other on Instagram and I was in Thailand working and she was in Thailand for holiday with t-64 I guess more in the lifestream but she was in Thailand for holidays and she messaged me on Instagram and she says you want to meet each other so we make a little urn for like six hours and then after we met in Thailand I flew to Russia to stay with her and that's how we know each other I speak really fast so you yes do. You like vodka yes with I will review my new Walker Jack we got yes comes to. Tecna mercifully Dean is just me fine you're disappointed normally my favorite is what is the name the flower the white flower one platform no no the white flower the big bottle I was invited ah.

Normally I drink like other vodka putin car but this is Neil I just try it the other day and I love it I love vodka to know any Oscar digit videos coming yes videos car videos kavorka my favorite if you are from Russia and I have my you guys's my mail send me some bottles I don't have enough kg to bring it back with me I'm making speak so many language it's kind of a thing now that if you are if you are like a Vietnamese you have to learn another language because like Vietnamese is not used anywhere in the world is not like Russia you can use Russian with other come other people this only Vietnamese speak enemies if you don't learn English there's no way to go little bit let us see does the one who likes to everybody ask quick now we're gonna go say what.

Year you last saw movie my favorite movie many okay currently I'm gonna give you the most current one because like if my favorite is going to be really long but I'd be watching the series sense8 I love it so I guess that's my currently favorite one I guess the other hong-won is mr. robot it's also my favorite I watching it in Russia for the first time as well.

Lenna speak English Oh normally I have a lot of requests for Gigi please speak Russian but now I got a lot of requests for Lana please take English no she refused to what is this um hey people.

Want photo you and me Oh we have many photos together ask away a photon okay Lana you have to speak in.

Russian ah when I scored a boot you know ghost aggressive mascara decided to audition local photography I should just get the key photographic Cockrum canit's Viet ah at the photograph is cause I'm Capitol machinima Lucian the edge of the Kazakh trauma team to achieve the common limine area are shown and Buddhist photography what do you like in Lana yes haha oh I love everything lemma.

English is so cute oh those are English.

Skills you get mad about how to get photos if I cry your photos have it's a long thing it's like it's not like we we press a button and our photos to not to be the way it is it is a lot of anything it's a lot of Photoshop I will I literally cannot explain how to edit the photos right now the live stream is way too long oh my mantra.

Little bit failure general Lena's boyfriend and our photographer saying we are taking too long to the live stream because we get it get back and do more photos what is this lemon can you say this I.

Laughed Nana in your she say please not. Yellow blue Dan oh yeah blue you do them.

Yeah Lou you lemon I should understand.

How you guys communicate when you don't understand that Russian I understand a little Russian it's not I don't have to spend rap shit at all yeah I think you don't understand but you understand same story yes and story English and I know something what like I understand like you I give you ask Jana for Timor and the stuff you don't know like I understood a little Russian like if you guys talking I know what they're talking about I Nia's with Shenmue and let us see English is just not a lot but Lannister English and we use Google Translate all the time it's no problem and you really don't need to talk much when you like this this just can't happen do you want to make videos do you.

Want to be the blogger I am making videos I just don't make the same type of videos and Lana like she do a lot videos like I'm behind the scenes and stuff challenges maybe no no no but I do.

My own kind of thing I am doing YouTube videos asses you probably have not watched my youtube channel how do you.

Meet each other I already answered where's your eyebrow with your mother I let my eyebrow with your mother were you to consider an art exhibition in US Lana is having an art exhibition in st. Petersburg in about two weeks three weeks now 21 winter-like only one week no no no the date for exhibition is two children yes yes.

Second to 10 July July July yes yes yes.

She's having an exhibition in Russia not mine we are not doing an exhibition together because an exhibition together is like I don't know how a year Russia to prepare people don't give me visas for that and I have my own exhibition in Vietnam she got her own thing here do you like Russian food yes I we do need a laugh but I really love Russian food everything is amazing yesterday they look I love mini I love Grishka yes I.

Love which car maybe not a lot which color little bit of this no you did a.

God yeah Caspian region green rhuebottom's cassia screeches driving them to Tonya without a degree Erica and a scientist and absolutely no coach total - Kuzma each pickup stingiest a sushi pizza yo somos not. Funny sonography and it's only between me you the cheese slide think I should wash messed up a little bit cheap alcohol M&O ah-ah.

Brewski in your skin.i it's like the.

First timer Grich comes like Leonard Kushner and then it's like a few days later I okay no more like whiskers slowly turning into my name nightmare walking into my dreams while then not.

Mentioning in aro 4:04 because I just met Lana Arrow falls over for his new it's the last two years and it's like I wrote in the last two years and it's about the first 22 years of my life there is no fashion working it and literally yeah second book lemma and I can bookmark our first one is new is as. You know is only about my family a long time ago my live in Singapore I met Lana in the last year I stay in Singapore so it's second book okay um.

Gigi are you smoking no no there's no secret here this my head and de it's.

Like when you will come to Belarus probably not better roots just because I have no money to go it's not people pay yeah maybe buy my ticket did you do you want to create your line of clothes I have a line of clothes but I am seriously very wet out by this question because I have like three clothes right before now I have one have you watched. Black mirror yes we love like mirror right Sarah yes yes of course it's for it okay maybe. Last question and then we're going to go do more photos for you so last question for me Elena this is your time how long have you Elena been friends five for five years yes four years and we met like once a year but this year special so it's two times so we have met five times in total.

Thailand Thailand I know no English oh so the first time we met in Thailand like she messaged me on Instagram and she say that with you I want to meet you and like let us speak zero English like hello hello like that's it like you're nothing it's just hello and just Google I went all the way she just like oh man we just like go around pilot together I don't speak any Thailand didn't speak the English Channel speak any Russian fucking insane I remember the pig that.

Was like do you like or no keep up this is not the time do you love st. Petersburg yes my favorite place in the world this time in st. Petersburg has been a really good trip very relaxing like you guys know like a month ago shit was crazy insane and stuff now the true vacation you know like except for the rain today the weather is symptoms well has been good food is good I just drink a lot of vodka I love hanging out shopping kiss me yes. A letter of course.

Lenna people give our finger I speak Russian say I don't speak Russian.

Ok say Miami Trinity okay ah when.

Actually upshots to talk about it appeared very I use dementia Lawrence to Graham Inuyasha Pandavas crocodile using a thank you for a glass yesterday monster growling a boldness told got what she's keen put here with just sheet I'll call daya eg star Jennifer Aniston the gaya visual children mini focus also noms winter coat strongly muy yeah auctioneer asking ourselves Donna the Karthik is that is my sciatica Grubin Ewan your sis me shoot Keo robust him nothing yet two.

More it is nice dr. Cooper sector to achieve yoga no corrida a wall visual down the kitchen some non-religious a sterilized they had more streaming in seriousness only under special very opportune a machine because ow I thought my Lincoln years at the option to de-stress was grainy series Naraku Deborah ethnic kidney machine which led to the book EMF my answers rainy so no patent very chic Oh dr. Paris huh Rasha Rasha commuted Araceli Paniagua Chelsea any talk is a ginger of email off of the and I talked about all Canadian teen because I always tell you there's a plaque on stream episode to the conscience a patent mom is my Manasa is Nicole next occasion being an otaku Elliott on Kamiya of refugees Marie Osmond a year to Bush Coweta she just no. Boiler at Crystal Tokyo commotion of Chattanooga lavas most nominees nitrofski against man risky no Nakata positioning Michelle goofy Susanna watch yes honest they are watching dogís of Malala yeah I do across the Picasa what is it what is it totally is floating everywhere that I've not really shaky drums not the engine does amazing TV business Patel is the Polish epitome an extra girl if I say me my focus Ariel's now at the board and Leon and I was not a Dwight yes and we make songs on the way I got a.

Question are you drinking no I'm not drinking it's not time yet how cool is in Russia Russia for me is really cold Russia for Lena not cool so like in hammer right now like 50 to see so here's my Kenzie's really cool okay I gotta go you gotta go go now so bye-bye maybe next time we know why guys bye bye next epoch ibaka people

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